Sewing Women's Clothing

We manufacture light women’s clothing. We provide services of cutting and sewing clothes from entrusted goods and raw materials, i.e. provided by the client (fabrics, production accessories and technical documentation).

We specialize in the production of:

Seamstress works on sewing machine at workplace

Gracja Sewing Company

We make both short and longer production series – as part of cooperation, we are open to different versions of production orders.
We carry out production orders with the highest quality, because customer satisfaction is the culmination of our efforts for us.


This is the production department where the spreading of fabrics takes place, precise cutting materials with a band knife and gluing fabric elements with gluing fusing machine. An experienced crew makes sure that the course of work at this stage of production guarantees high quality and timely execution of production orders.


This is the production department where auxiliary preparation of sewing patterns takes place, sewing elements in accordance with the client's guidelines and the technology of making a given model. We employ employees with many years of experience in clothing production, thanks to which we can guarantee high quality of manufactured products.


Each sewn finished product is transferred to the next stage of production, i.e. pressing, and then quality control. Manual ironing gives the final effect of the garments produced. The seal of the production process is a detailed quality control, which allows only products that meet the highest customer requirements to be collected. Maintaining high standards in this area allows us to avoid complaints and returns, and thus gives our recipients satisfaction.


Each finished product, after passing a detailed quality control, is packed and prepared for shipment. Depending on the recipient's requirements, each product is labeled, labeled and placed in a dedicated package. Products prepared in this way are ready for transport.

How are we Working?

The order fulfillment process in our sewing company consists of several stages. In the first step, the customer sends us his requirements, such as model, color, size and possibly special design requests. Then, after the initial valuation, the customer receives an offer that he can accept or cancel the order.

After accepting the offer, a team of tailors starts working on the implementation of the project. During the production process, the client is regularly informed about the progress of work and has the opportunity to introduce any changes to the project.

After the production is completed, the product undergoes a quality control process, then is packed and sent to the customer. At every stage of order execution, we attach great importance to the quality of workmanship and full customer satisfaction.


Contact and Concept

The customer sends us his requirements such as model, color, size and possibly special design requests. After the arrangements, the production process starts.


Working On The Project

In this step, our experienced tailoring team goes into action. It is here that our customers' dream products are created.


Quality Control and Shipping To Customer

In this step, our quality department checks the order and sends the products to the customer.

Sewing Women's Clothing

Choose a Proven Sewing Shop!

ZPH Gracja is a proven and experienced sewing company that has been sewing women’s clothes for years. Our company is characterized by high quality of services and professionalism, thanks to which we can guarantee the satisfaction of everyone. Sewing is carried out according to the individual requirements and preferences of the customer, which gives us confidence that each product will meet the customer’s expectations. Our attention to detail and aesthetics make our clothes true works of art. Therefore, we encourage you to use our services and convince yourself of the quality of our products.